Dung Pham's Personal Website

My name is Dung Pham. I've recently graduated from Nguyen Hue High School for The Gifted in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here is my portfolio which showcases my coding projects as well as my research projects I carried out during my time as a high school student and as a postgraduate.

Coding Section


Co-founder, Project Lead and Web developer

This website was built to upload real-time PM10, PM2.5, temperature and humidity data where our project's system is located. We also added content about the effects of PM10 and PM2.5 on human's health to raise awareness about this environmental problem.

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Chup Dao Studio

Web Developer

This website was built to upload the photography start-up's projects and information including photos, albums and contact information

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Truong Ca Kich Vien

This website was created to bring Vietnam Traditional Performance Arts on digital platforms. Serving as a bridge between young people and this type of art, the website contains Exhibitions, Photos, Videos and Playlist of traditional arts like Tuong, Cheo, Cai Luong,..

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Education For Vietnamese Youth

This website contains all of EVY projects so far, including our free English, Debate and Arts courses, our collaboration with Harvard's LabXchange, and our educational board game project about Vietnamese history.

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Research Section


A system monitoring air pollutants, temperature, and humidity. Data is published real-time on project's websit.

Funded by Vietnam Research Institute of Electronics, Informatics and Automation - VIELINA

Advisor: Dr, Head of Green Tech Company of Vielina, Lai Thi Van Quyen

Bach Khoa Math and Science Club

Automatic solar-powered irrigation system with temperature, soil moisture sensors, and LED real-time data display

Advisor: Dr. Pham Gia Huan - Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at Hanoi University of Science and Technology